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ATTRACT – make tennis exciting for new players

NURTURE – quality enjoyable coaching to help players stay in the game and reach their potential

LONGEVITY – tennis for life


  1. QUALITY COACHING – ensuring coaches are professional & qualified to deliver high quality sessions
  2. TENNIS IN THE COMMUNITY – Giving players chances to play tennis in Prestbury Tennis Club, Local Schools & Parks
  3. COACHING FOR EVERYONE – giving access to as many players as possible of all ages, abilities & backgrounds
  4. GROWING THE GAME WITH INNOVATION – staying fresh with ideas to making tennis exciting
  5. NURTURING TALENT – Giving enthusiastic players opportunity to reaching their potential and perform to their best ability
  6. PLAYER CENTERED APPROACH – Changing players games on the court and enhancing lives off the court


We measure the quality of our coaching through retention and a annual customer survey. We also look at how many players are playing tennis within in the club, it’s coaching program and their attendance and results in competitions.

Grass roots tennis is essentially growing the game and getting more players in the sport. Once they are in the sport then we look at longevity for all players whether a social player or a tour or team player. Due to facility restrictment’s we cater for beginners to county players with regional, national and international players linking in with high performance centre’s run by British Tennis.

The welfare of all players is more important than winning and we want juniors and adults to enjoy the game for life.