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Quality Coaching & Events in the Heart of Cheshire


ATTRACT – make tennis exciting for new players

NURTURE – helping players to reach their potential

LONGEVITY – Ensuring enjoyment and learning for life.

Head Coach Jon Cain – Nominee for Community Tennis Award 2018

Dave Hewland – Winner of Compeition Organiser of the Year Cheshire 2018


Increasing Participation in Tennis

We measure our program on how many players are in the program and receiving coaching, Currently we have 180 Juniors and 50 adults . However we want to ensure quality remains when we get busier and give players and parents the support they need.

Quality Coaching with correct technical, tactical and physical Development

For competing players help goal set outcome goals including rankings and league positions. However we are careful not to put pressure on outcome goals to early in a players career and help set technical development in the earlier years, moving onto building a game style, physical base ready for competition when they are ready.

Longevity and Enjoyment

The reality of most clubs players is that they are playing for health and social reasons as well as the challenge of competing. Tennis has to be  enjoyable and have a fun factor otherwise players will drop off . One those cold darks nights tennis has to be appealing with variety, meeting friends and feelings of accomplishment through learning a skill or having a good workout.