Training Plan & Video’s
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Training Plan & Video’s



‘ Fail to Plan , Plan to fail ‘


Term 1 – 8 week training cycle

Week 1 – Cardio Tennis .
1 hour non-stop fun session to get players back into training. Focus on consistency and good footwork. Players aim is to reach their heart rate zone and keep it between 70-80% of their max heart rate
Week 2 – Consistency and hitting deep
Players staying steady in the rally and improving their timing. Players aiming for high volume of hitting deep rally balls and keeping the opponent behind the baseline. Target set PB rally score for 2min rally challenge
Week 3 – 1st Serve percentage
A key to confidence is getting the rally off to a good start. Consistent first serve percentage followed by hitting a quality rally ball gives players a chance to start a point by keep the opponent under pressure from the start. Aim for 70% first percentage
Week 4 – Building the point by moving the opponent around
Once players have improved their consistency and confidence it is time to work on moving the opponent around with wide angles and down the line shots. Players need to work on wide crosscourt shots after hitting a quality rally ball. Aim – increase forced errors from opponent
Week 5 – Build to the backhand
Player will focus on hitting the ball as many times as they can to opponents backhand with a mix of baseline shots and volleys. Matchplay will encourage patterns that will help increase unforced errors from opponents and proving opportunity to attack weaker backhands.
Week 6 – quality rally volleys
Players will build their confidence up with quality rally volley’s that go deep and keep the opponents ta the back. Focus on athleticism at the net and correct ready positions. Players need to mentally strong and feel like the can cover the whole court with correct movement patterns and technique.
Week 5 – Approaching the net
Usually to the opponents, backhand players will build on a short ball and look to finish with a volley. The transition to the net will focus on correct movement patterns and decision making when to go forward or to stay back
Week 6 – Doubles Styles
A focus on doubles positioning and patterns not used in singles. Focus on teamwork playing with different partners as well and usual parings. Players will recap on their own style and look at others styles of play from others pairing. Target to understand and select a playing style.
Week 7 – Serve Control
Either in singles or doubles players will practice controlling their serve and long term be able to pick a shot to aim to on their opponent. Patterns of play will use serve and 2nd ball to get players to think of a combination rather than hitting a ace. Scores out of 5 for each serve area.
Week 8 – Mental Skills in Matchplay
Players will learn coping strategies in matches to help with relaxation, controlled aggression and motivation. Players need will come out with tools / techniques to use in matches that can help them enhance performance. Target for players to self-score psychological performance scores i.e. score out of for concentration.


Term 3 & 4 2019 12 week plan