STAR TENNIS | Training Plans
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Training Plans

‘ Fail to Plan , Pan to fail ‘

The program is based on 7 terms / cycles of 5-8 weeks

Coaching Planner

Term 2 Nov-Dec 2017

Week 1 – Serve to Backhand

1st serve and 2nd serve practice to backhand

Week 2 – Return to Backhand

Return to backhand off a weak first serve or 2nd serve

Week 3 – Use inside out forehand to backhand

Use your strength and pick out opponents weaker side

Week 4 – Backhand crosscourt play

Improve your backhand to the weaker side then look to use your strength

Week 5 – Approach to the backhand

Pick the weaker side out and charge to the net

Week 6 – Volley to the backhand

Set yourself up with a finish volley after hitting a good volley to bh

Week 7 – Changing rhythm to

Use a mi of spin to their backhand to create errors and weak balls

Week 8 – Matchplay & Cardio

Put it all into play, now your know what to do.