STAR TENNIS | Training Plans
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Training Plans

‘ Fail to Plan , Pan to fail ‘

The program is based on 7 terms / cycles of 5-8 weeks

Coaching Planner

DATE Game situation  Tactical Intention & Mental toughness skills Core Drill / measure / match Charting Strength & Conditioning Challenge of the week Weekend Comps & Festivals Highlights (more
3 Sep Both back Defending under pressure. Ms – stay in the rally Defending shots out of 5 Line drill Team Trials & US open Matchplay 8th
10 Sep Both Back Trading Crosscourt

Ms – Concentration

ball rising through the baseline

unforced errors v forced errors

Shuttle Runs in one min Youatt Cup 9th
17 sep Both back Changing direction

Ms – aggression

Angle then line challenge Broad Jump (cm) Team Tennis starts
24 sep Approaching the net Approach and Volley deep

Ms – relaxation

Points won at the net Ball throw (metres) Adult Club Champs 23rd

David Lloyd Manchester North. Lanc Tour 30th

1 oct Approaching the net Volley into space & smash

Ms – confidence

Winning volleys in a match Med Ball Throw (cm)  
8 oct Opponent approaching Build with an angle

Ms – cool under pressure

  Hamstring Flexibility (cm)  
15 oct Half Term – private lessons and team training  rest week if necessary     Tiebreak Tens Wed 17th
22 oct Serve & 2nd Ball First serve and trade deep

Ms – clear game plan

Serve control % 20m sprint (sec) Grade 4 –David Lloyd Manchester North

ITF Seniors – Bolton

29 oct Serve First serve and build

Ms – risk taking

Mental toughness tough ball retrieval Cross over shuttles  
5 nov Serve Second serve and trade

Ms – imagery

2min how many deep balls Squat Jumps / out of 5 World Tour Finals Matchplay 10th
12 nov Serve Second serve and build

Ms – goal setting

circuits & fitness testing Drop shot sprint  
19 nov Return Return back to feet


  Sit ups in one min  
26 nov Return Build on second serve Match charting Press ups in one min  
3 dec Both Back Build to backhand Aim to backhand   Xmas Social Comps
10 dec Cardio Tennis Cardio Fitness

Ms – resilience

    Xmas Party’s
17 dec matchplay Deciding on a game plan