STAR TENNIS | Serve and Volley Tips
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Serve and Volley Tips

Serve and Volley Tips

Some Top Tips For serve and volley

First players should understand that even if you are a baseliner it is good to practice serve and volley occasionally to give variety to your game. Whether you are a net rusher or a baseliner coming to the net can catch your opponent out, reduces their time and a good back up plan if you are down and need to find different way to win.

  1. Aim for control and consistency over power. Good first serve percentage.
  2. Big strides to get forward. Doubles go in a straight line forward. Singles go to the middle of shift out wide on a wide serve
  3. Ready position and / or split step on the returners hit
  4. Shoulder turn on the volley and contact infront
  5. close the net after the first volley
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