Return of Serve week – Session 5
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Return of Serve week – Session 5

Return of Serve week – Session 5

One of the most under practiced shot is the return of serve. It is no secret but my one hand backhand return and many other’s is the weakest, once I am in the rally I know am have then a chance to win the point…so one of my goals is to improve over the next month ready for my return to comps for 2017.

Jon Cain’s tips for return….

1 Athletic Ready Position

2 Watch the ball toss and the servers action

3 Split step before the contact

4 Turn before the bounce – beat the bounce!

5 Decide on where you will hit – just over & in, to backhand, deep etc.

6 Contact infront

7 Recover to the middle before the ball bounces on the other side  . Hit with height to give you some time (unless they serve and volley)

FIRST SERVE RETURN – aim deep and at servers feet

SECOND SERVE RETURN – attack to the corners or backhand. approach the net of short

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