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Rising Stars (Mini Tennis U10)

Mini Tennis is all about having fun and enjoying learning the basics of the game with friends. Mini Tennis is a individual spot but players are not o their own. They are in a triangle with coach : parent : player. The most important person is the player and their enjoyment and ambitions! Coaches & Parents are there to support and guide players to have fun learning.

Mini Tennis Coaching is categorised into 3 age groups…

  • Tots u6 – ABC Skills and basic racket skills
  • Red u8 – Half sized Court with slow red balls, using up to a 23inch racket
  • Orange u9 – 3/4 sized court with slow orange, balls using up to a 25inch racket
  • Green u10 – Full court using slow green balls, using up to a 25inch racket.

Players are split into 2 categories…

Mini Rally – Beginners players learning vital ABC and tennis skills
Mini Tour – Players looking to play competitions
Mini Masters – Elite players playing in the county Tour / Regional Tour

Mini Competitions Grading

National (Grade 1 to 2)
Regional Tour (Grade 3 to 4)
County Tour (Grade 5 or 4)
Club matches (Grade 7 to 6)

Mini Competitions To play or not to play??
It should be the players choice to enter or not! Never force them.
Pick the correct grade comp. Start at 7 or 6.
If their win:lose ratio 50:50 is then they are at the right grade comp.
If 0:100 or 10:90 then take some time off and just practice and keep having fun until feel ready to try again..
If 30:70 then keep going but be wary of payer enjoyment.
If 70-100% win’s then look to go up a grade.

Private coaching

We ensure players have a clear goal in each session and long term. Whether it is to get fit, improve a shot or prepare for a competition we can help you towards your goal. If you are not happy with your session we will refund any money unless you have feel you have improved.
Variable times Mon-Friday 8:00am -3:30pm / 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Saturday available 9:00 – 3:00 (Very limited times)