Mini u10 Academy
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Mini u10 Academy


Playing Levels…
Beginners (Futures) – Learning the basics
Intermediates (Club) – Stating to play in team challenge events & fun social competitions
Tour (Advanced) – Regular competing and playing team tennis

Ball Colours / Age Level

Red u8 – using a small court, 23 inch rackets & a slower red or sponge ball

Orange u9 – using a 3/4 court and usually 25 inch rackets

Green u10 – using full court, usually 26inch rackets and a faster green ball

Day & Time / Ball Colour & Age / Level / Coach

Mon 3:30pm Green u10 Girls Jon C
Mon 3:30pm Red u8 (year 3’s) Jarek
Mon 4:30pm Red u8 (year 3) Dave P

Tue 9:45am Tennis Tots 3-5yrs Jonny H
Tue 3:30 Orange u9 Club (year 4) Jarek
Tue 3:30 U10 Tour (year 5) Jon

Wed 3:45 Red u8 Futures Jarek
Wed 4:30 Orange u9 & u10 Tour (yearr3-5) Jon & Jarek
Wed 5:30 Green u10 Club (year 6) Jon

Thur 3:30 Red u8 Club (year 2/3) Jarek
Thur 4:30 Red u8 Futures (year 2/3) Jarek

Fri 3:40 Mini Red u8 (year 2) Jon C
Fri 3:30 Orange u9 Tour (year 3-5) Jarek
Fri 3:45 Red u8 futures (year 2) Jon C
Fri 3:30pm Fast 4 Matchplay Tom & Sam
Fri 4:30pm Mini Red u8 Club Jarek
Fri 5:30pm U10 Club Jarek

Sat 8:30 Orange u9 Futures Jon
Sat 9:15 Red u8 Club Jarek
Sat 10:15 Green u10 Jarek & Jon C
Sat 3:00pm Red u8 Tom J