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Meditation for Sports

Meditation for Sports

My yoga story started with a friend suggesting Yoga for sports after Matchday. I learnt that yoga was more than trying to reach for my toes and about mindfulness for example keeping calm and controlling emotions in the session and in tennis matches.

5 reasons how meditation can help with sport…

1 Relaxation & control emotions – relaxing the mind helps relax the body. We all get tight from time to time on big points and learning to relax in a yoga session can help in a sports match. Also it can help with being a hot head or being too cool with understanding how you are feeling.

2 Help Focus – Oh my god, how many times have I been doing well in a match then I start thinking ahead of the trophy, what I am doing later or who is that watching me play. Using the ‘third eye’ to channel your mind can help keep focus and train attention and ignore what is going on around you.

3 Reduces the mind from ruminating and negative cycles – We all have doubts that creep in life and in sport. We are not robots but we can beat the chimp on the shoulder by batting away negative thoughts and keeping the mind on track .

4 Increase endurance – If we can concentrate for longer we can last longer, like a duracell bunny . However, the bunny can not keep going if it is switched off!! Even if we have good physical endurance and a full tank , it still requires a driver to steer in the right direction.

5 Improve sleep patterns – we all know that if we have a good night sleep we will play better the next day. Also after a training session a good night sleep can help with recovery. Often our mind has so many things going on, so to be able to relax and swtich off before going to sleep and help with training and on match day.

Coming Soon – How to meditate & visualise!!!

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