STAR TENNIS | Make Competition enjoyable – Top Tips for Parents
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Make Competition enjoyable – Top Tips for Parents

Make Competition enjoyable – Top Tips for Parents



Now is a great time to play some comps before the start of the Spring Season. At yellow ball level players should be competitions every 3 to 6 weeks, Mini Tennis players every 6 weeks. The point one league provides the opportunity as well as Aegon League in the Spring. It is a minefield out there when parents first enter competitions so here are some top tips for entering competitions…


  1. Plan ahead with a diary – Write down or the family events, other sporting fixtures, school trips etc. If there is lack of time then make some sacrifices on less important activities and but tennis
  2. Play Practice Matches – Play some sets with them or organize to play with their team mates. Tell them to take a football down to the club or table tennis bats so they play something after and make it a social event rather than a serious event. Take them to the Cafe after as a reward
  3. Enter the Right Level Competition – If too hard then the player will lose confidence, too easy then they will get bored and mess around. Best way to measure is their win / loss ratio. If 50 / 50 then this is the right level, if 75 / 25 then this is good, obviously 90 / 10 or 100 / 0 then too hard / easy. Check the gradings below…
  4. Enter with team mates and friends– Make it social and fun so when waiting around for other matches players can play football int eh park, table tennis in the club house etc.
  5. Reward their efforts not results – Reward their champion spirit, sportsmanship etc. and remind them of the benefits of exercise and that competing teaches life lessons like not giving up and treating others with respect.
  6. Make a day out a tournament trip – If your comp is in Chester than make a day of it and go to the Zoo, go shopping as family, treat them to a chocolate fudge cake at the local cafe. Lighten the mood on the long way back.

So get entering a comp today …


Grade 7/ 6 Internal Social Comps – Beginner / starter events

Grade 5 County Tour – Club players

Grade 4 County Tour – Club & County Players

Grade 3 Regional Tour – County Players





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