How to beat a pusher
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How to beat a pusher

How to beat a pusher

Beating a pusher a a tricky task as they get a lot back and they make you make errors. To beat a pusher you must stick to your game and stay aggressive and be patient. They will not give you much pace so you therefore have more time to generate pace but often leads to errors as players mentally get frustrated.


Controlled aggression is required to beat them

Patience is required as they will get a lot of balls back

Take risks. There is a fine line but you have to be able to finish the point when you get the chance. This is however when errors are made so knowing when to finish and take shots on.


Take their time away. Take the ball early and / or move to the net. Look to step inside the baseline to take on mid and short balls.

Play too your strengths. Use for example your big forehand or your volleys to help build and finish the point

They will make errors. Forced errors rather than unforced errors. By using angles for example this will make them run and create space to finish the point.


Trust your swing. Go for your shots with a full swing.

Use topspin if you have it. Use it to your advantage. Brush up the back with a fast racquet.

Keep good technique don;t fall back to pushing and shortening your swing. Us topspin to be able to a


Good endurance is required as the rallies will be longer.

Take you time in between points to recover.

Breathe out when you hit shot to help with breathing. Also big deep and controlled breathes in between points.