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Be a Environmentally Tennis Player…

Be a Environmentally Tennis Player…

Be Environmentally Friendly as a tennis player for 2020…

Firstly I am not a extinction rebellion member, vegan or generally the greenest of human beings, however I am trying to change my behaviour slowly but surely to make the environment more sustainable.

As tennis players we are already being greener compared to the guy on the treadmill exercising in the gym. After a lot of talk in the media last year I have tried to make the little differences, I am not perfect and have blips but I definitely feel better for making some small changes. Here are some areas to ponder on and maybe make that can inspire you to help make a difference…

Teamwork & Community
1 – Talk and share – Be greener with team mates. make a pact with your team that you will all use reusable water bottles for example. Discuss ideas from other clubs, gyms etc.
2 – Club Meetings – Have a chat about the more expensive ways to be greener i.e. solar panels, electric car points, selling reusable water bottles. Make money out of being greener!!
3 – Network & Promote – Use other local businesses to help promote your vision of being a greener club. Ask the local bike shop to give your members a discount. Remind members it is cheaper to get a coffee with your reusable coffee mug from the club’s coffee machine or local café.
1- Cycle (or walk / run) to the tennis club – A great way to warm up and cool down. Good for strengthening the knees and improving stamina and wakes the body and mind up feeling match ready.
2- Local Competitions / Matches lift share – Have some banter, gossip and talk about the match ahead. This helps put a smile on your face
3 – Use public transport for long journeys– If you compete nationally then use public transport. You will be more relaxed for your game, chance to prepare mentally and think about your game plan, rather than being stuck in traffic. Do your homework and plan your trip and don’t miss your stop.
Food & Drink
1 – Make your own energy snacks – This is a great way to know what is in your food and be healthy. It will reduce plastic waste, save you money and make you feel healthier and happier
2 – Have 2 Reusable water bottles – why 2? because you are bound to lose one, leave one in your car or at home. You can share with a team mate if they forget theirs. Also you may have one with water and one with energy supplements
3 – Reusable Coffee mug – Caffeine is a great way to kick start your match and improve our mood. Grab a reusable mug and make sure you clean it, you don’t want smelly milk in your bag
4 – Rethink your diet – Personally I have reduced my intake of meat over the last couple of years before all the hype. I just feel I have more energy, recover just as well after training and spend less money. I still like meat and to me cow’s milk has more nutrients than any other kind, so perhaps vegan is not an answer, sorry. Just rethink and read up on diets not fads.

Equipment & clothing
1 – Reuse Tennis Balls – Give them to our coaches, charities, local schools or reuse in the home. Use a tennis ball as an aid a massage on your tight muscles. Use them as a decoration. Use them as a planter for seeds (cut them in half ) Be creative!!
2 – Clothing – Take your time when buying. Ask the question is it environmentally friendly, where has it come from etc. Some great examples are North Face who, in one product, use recyclable down. Adidas have a range of clothing made from recyclable plastic materials.
3- Recycle your old trainers and rackets – Give them to a local charity. Simple.
Thank you and good luck


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