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Healthy Coach Athlete Relationship …

Healthy Coach Athlete Relationship …

It is important that a player and coach have a good relationship on the court and off the court. The best coach athlete combinations like Murray and Lendl, Rafa and Toni and Nishikori and Chang. The common factors with such pairings is they are ‘singing off the same hymm sheet in which both player and coach respect and listen to each other.

Tiger Woods coach Butch Hammond was asked to coach top golfer Rory Mcllroy but after a short period Rory went back to his grass roots coach as he trusted him and they got on. On paper his credentials did not stack up to Hammond but Rory trusted him and his coach knew his game and personality to help him on the tour and rise to number 1.

It is important that a player has a coach that is knowledgeable but the coach needs to give the right feedback at the right time and not lecture a player. For the coach it is important that the player is 100 % ready to learn and improve. A good coach guides a player through a session not just telling him off and telling what to add on every shot.

With Juniors the paren / athlete / coach triangle is tough to equal out. You have a parents paying money, a coach demanding the player to improve and a player up and down in motivation if not looked after. THe goals for the sessiona dn the season should be shared and agreed by all and not just by just one person but as a team.

Here are some top tips to improve your relationship with your coach and ensure that you get the best out of the session…

  • tell your coach your vision, ambition and motivation
  • be honest on how much practice in your own time and compete
  • agree before the start of the session on what you want to practice, bring your won ideas and the coach will have some as well
  • give feedback from you last match or practice session. also through the session
  • communicate through the session – say if you do not like the drill or want to practice something else. your the paying customer!
  • ask you coach to watch if possible so they see in a match environment not just a training environment
  • have a session with another coach from time to time to get a different perspective
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