STAR TENNIS | Go the extra Mile this winter and keep your player active – Tips for parents
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Go the extra Mile this winter and keep your player active – Tips for parents

Go the extra Mile this winter and keep your player active – Tips for parents

Winter Tennis can be a tough time to persuade your kids onto the court, here are some tops tips  to motivate your kids…

1 – Hot Chocloate

Every kid loves a hot chocolate, reward their attendance with a hot mug and some marshmallows. Maybe give them a flask to have a sip at half time drinks break

2 – Be a Role Model

Get out there yourself and show them you are exercising twice a week.

3 – Wrap up warm

Without buying them over expensive clothing, get them some nice winter gear hats gloves, skins,thermals as a treat if they show they are committed. Give them a chance to choose what they wear. suprising how many kids come down in shorts o a freezing day!

4 – Show your enthusiasm for them attending

Give them a hifi, hug, smile, ask them questions about the session. Take a video of them playing or picture to show family or friends

5 – Find out what makes them tick

Ask them what they like / dislike. Is it the fact they are getting better, having fun with friends, they are aiming for the rally award certificate. May they don’t like the players in the group, the coach or it the timing of the session is too late etc

6 – Be a cheer leader 

Kids love being watched and playing to a crowd. Be a cheer leader and applause go shots. Finish work early and watch them, go that extra mile for them

7 – Practice with them / Set a tennis play date

Even a non tennis player can practice with their kids by throwing them all a ball to hit . Easy .

Or ring a friend in the group and set a play date down at the club. Take the rackets, football and give them some time in the park. They learn when they play and try things out on their own.

8 – Watch Tennis on the TV with them

Kids learn by watching . Help the understand the scoring and why they won the point

9 – Reward them for attending a course with a treat

A last resort but say to them if they attend and improve then they get a new racket, tin of balls etc

10 – Phone the coach 

Ring your coach and see how they are getting on and what you can do to improve their game and motivate.

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