STAR TENNIS | Get on court for 2018
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Get on court for 2018

Get on court for 2018

This time of year is tough with conditions your game of tennis and indoor indulgences  meaning that sitting down on the change of end is just you sat on couch.

Whether you aim is Wimbledon or you are getting fit for new year or Just want to get back playing socially here are some tips on how get back yourself motivate for the new year for tennis…

1 Ring a mate and practice weekly

Having a mate to play with is obviously the best way to play by having a game and using it as a excuse to catch up on the change of ends. Build your network of training buddies and challenge yourself with different opponents. If you are new to the club try the box leagues, club nights or phone a coach for a lesson and they can help you network

2 Have a back up fitness plan if weather cancels your game i.e. go to gym, yoga, spin etc.

If the weather is bad go to the gym instead, try a circuit class or yoga for sports session. Therefore yo will keep fit and keep you strong and injury free and will help you keep a routine of practising on a certain night.

3 Book into a competition or tennis festival

By booking into a comp this gives you something to aim towards. It may be just a social event like the doubles night or may be you will finally go down to club night which scares you as they all look amazingly good. Either way challenge yourself in which just by turning up is achievement win or lose.

4 Set some training goals

Just hitting balls back and forth gets boring. So spice it up write down want you want your game to look like  and think what you want to improve .If you know the last match in your club comp you forehand was letting you down when attacking then practise it . Don’t write a whole list of errors as this will seem too much and will unmotivate you to train. Be realistic with the time you have and seek coaches advice or look on you tube.

5 Feel smug in Spring

By doing all the above until Easter means that come Easter you will feel a sense of achievement and you will feel smug compared to those fair weather players that will feel rusty and will have a long way to go in the spring


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