Dealing with High Balls
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Dealing with High Balls

Dealing with High Balls

Particularly on Clay and Hard court the ball bounces higher or perhaps against a heavy topspin player. But how do you deal with it ?

1 – MOVE BACK and get behind the bounce , let the ball drop . Red the ball early look for the cues to read a high ball e.g. a open racket face

2 – Advanced players can TAKE THE BALL EARLY  as it rises.

3 – Key is EARLY movement and preparation with a shoulder / unit turn getting into position with fast and effective footwork.

4 – Alternatively you can try a SLICE slice on the high bouncing balls and be able to take the ball more comfortably and easier than a one hand backhand topspin for some.

5 – You can still hit TOPSIN on a high bouncing balls with a ‘brush’ action and the racket going over the ball sooner.

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