Coach Education / Mentoring
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Coach Education / Mentoring

As a Level 5 coach Jon Cain is a qualified Mentor for coaches from level 1 to 4 . Jon has mentored several coacehs to pass there level 2 and 3 qualifications with sucess. He is also currently mentoring 2 level 3 coaches to help support and pass their level 4 badge. He also has consulted 2 local clubs to help develop their programs with advice who to regenerate their program with a exciting coachign program.

Jon is adamant that coaches so plan lesson as much as possible with detailed plans to help his own coach team have structure and to work together towards a common goal. Jon has had to plan for University Teams with a season plan on how training session will help players prepare for a successful season. Jon is also qualified to set up basic strength & conditioning programs for individual and team players to help through a busy season.

If you would like to receive regular lesson plans to help your coaching please email Jon to be on the coach mail list for his detailied term plan. Any general enquiries / advice please do not hesitate to ask, we like to share not keep everything behind closed doors.