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Be a Environmentally Tennis Player…

Be Environmentally Friendly as a tennis player for 2020…

Firstly I am not a extinction rebellion member, vegan or generally the greenest of human beings, however I am trying to change my behaviour slowly but surely to make the environment more sustainable.

As tennis players we are already being greener compared to the guy on the treadmill exercising in the gym. After a lot of talk in the media last year I have tried to make the little differences, I am not perfect and have blips but I definitely feel better for making some small changes. Here are some areas to ponder on and maybe make that can inspire you to help make a difference…

Teamwork & Community
1 – Talk and share – Be greener with team mates. make a pact with your team that you will all use reusable water bottles for example. Discuss ideas from other clubs, gyms etc.
2 – Club Meetings – Have a chat about the more expensive ways to be greener i.e. solar panels, electric car points, selling reusable water bottles. Make money out of being greener!!
3 – Network & Promote – Use other local businesses to help promote your vision of being a greener club. Ask the local bike shop to give your members a discount. Remind members it is cheaper to get a coffee with your reusable coffee mug from the club’s coffee machine or local café.
1- Cycle (or walk / run) to the tennis club – A great way to warm up and cool down. Good for strengthening the knees and improving stamina and wakes the body and mind up feeling match ready.
2- Local Competitions / Matches lift share – Have some banter, gossip and talk about the match ahead. This helps put a smile on your face
3 – Use public transport for long journeys– If you compete nationally then use public transport. You will be more relaxed for your game, chance to prepare mentally and think about your game plan, rather than being stuck in traffic. Do your homework and plan your trip and don’t miss your stop.
Food & Drink
1 – Make your own energy snacks – This is a great way to know what is in your food and be healthy. It will reduce plastic waste, save you money and make you feel healthier and happier
2 – Have 2 Reusable water bottles – why 2? because you are bound to lose one, leave one in your car or at home. You can share with a team mate if they forget theirs. Also you may have one with water and one with energy supplements
3 – Reusable Coffee mug – Caffeine is a great way to kick start your match and improve our mood. Grab a reusable mug and make sure you clean it, you don’t want smelly milk in your bag
4 – Rethink your diet – Personally I have reduced my intake of meat over the last couple of years before all the hype. I just feel I have more energy, recover just as well after training and spend less money. I still like meat and to me cow’s milk has more nutrients than any other kind, so perhaps vegan is not an answer, sorry. Just rethink and read up on diets not fads.

Equipment & clothing
1 – Reuse Tennis Balls – Give them to our coaches, charities, local schools or reuse in the home. Use a tennis ball as an aid a massage on your tight muscles. Use them as a decoration. Use them as a planter for seeds (cut them in half ) Be creative!!
2 – Clothing – Take your time when buying. Ask the question is it environmentally friendly, where has it come from etc. Some great examples are North Face who, in one product, use recyclable down. Adidas have a range of clothing made from recyclable plastic materials.
3- Recycle your old trainers and rackets – Give them to a local charity. Simple.
Thank you and good luck


Serve and Volley Tips

Some Top Tips For serve and volley

First players should understand that even if you are a baseliner it is good to practice serve and volley occasionally to give variety to your game. Whether you are a net rusher or a baseliner coming to the net can catch your opponent out, reduces their time and a good back up plan if you are down and need to find different way to win.

  1. Aim for control and consistency over power. Good first serve percentage.
  2. Big strides to get forward. Doubles go in a straight line forward. Singles go to the middle of shift out wide on a wide serve
  3. Ready position and / or split step on the returners hit
  4. Shoulder turn on the volley and contact infront
  5. close the net after the first volley

Box Leagues (Grade 7)

For Prestbury Members Only ….

Currently we have over 75 players in box leagues playing a mix of singles and doubles. Matches are a timed format and are played at a greed time between players. Players have roughly 6 weeks to play all the matched by a given deadline. Winning Player receives a £5/discount of Star Tennis Coaching Sessions.

Tips For Parents of Mini Tennis Players Moving up age groups

Tips / Drills for moving up a ball colour & age group
1 Improve their perception skills, reading the ball is essential . Players are having to read the ball from further away so practice throwing an catching with the correct ball and get them to say where it is landing i.e. short / long
2 Improve their sideways movement . The court is wider when they move up . They need to learn how to move sideways to a ball. Feed balls 1m meter to the side then 2m, 3m etc., until they can move and hit from the sideline.

3 Get stronger. Use light medicine balls to help them using a longer and heavier racket. Using their core as well as arms is essential for racket head speed and balancing on the move.
3 Understand how to score. Red player and orange players play first to 10 points. Green play first to 4 games and yellow play to 6 games. Matches get longer so players need to be fit and ready.
4 Try fun circuits. Specifically tennis requires short bursts of movement so circuit training is ideal. A fun circuit of 6 exercises with challenges like running between 2 cones 3m apart, throwing a ball for them to catch left and right, ladders, skipping, medicine ball throws etc… all 30 seconds with a rest in between.

Volunteering / D of E

We have numerous volunteers wanting to get involved for their Duke of Edinburgh award and to just to give back to their community.

Contact Jon to get involved with coaching, camps and competitions.

Prestbury Tennis Club

Prestbury Tennis Club

  • 8 courts (5 floodlight) Newly resurfaced Tiger turf and Classic Clay Courts
  • Newly refurbished club house
  • Active Adult section with 10 adult teams, regular social comps & coaching for all levels
  • Junior Section with currently over 180 Juniors in the coaching program and 12 Junior Teams
  • Award Winning Coach Team

Where to Find Us
Bollin Grove, Prestbury, Cheshire SK10 4JJ
Tel : 01625 828343 / Web :
Membership :

Prestbury Tennis Club

Prestbury Tennis Club

  • 8 courts (5 floodlight)
  • Newly refurbished club house
  • Active Adult section with 10 adult teams, regular social comps & coaching for all levels
  • Junior Section with currently over 180 Juniors in the coaching program and 12 Junior Teams

Where to Find Us

Bollin Grove, Prestbury, Cheshire SK10 4JJ
Tel : 01625 828343 / Web :
Membership :


Healthy Coach Athlete Relationship …

It is important that a player and coach have a good relationship on the court and off the court. The best coach athlete combinations like Murray and Lendl, Rafa and Toni and Nishikori and Chang. The common factors with such pairings is they are ‘singing off the same hymm sheet in which both player and coach respect and listen to each other.

Tiger Woods coach Butch Hammond was asked to coach top golfer Rory Mcllroy but after a short period Rory went back to his grass roots coach as he trusted him and they got on. On paper his credentials did not stack up to Hammond but Rory trusted him and his coach knew his game and personality to help him on the tour and rise to number 1.

It is important that a player has a coach that is knowledgeable but the coach needs to give the right feedback at the right time and not lecture a player. For the coach it is important that the player is 100 % ready to learn and improve. A good coach guides a player through a session not just telling him off and telling what to add on every shot.

With Juniors the paren / athlete / coach triangle is tough to equal out. You have a parents paying money, a coach demanding the player to improve and a player up and down in motivation if not looked after. THe goals for the sessiona dn the season should be shared and agreed by all and not just by just one person but as a team.

Here are some top tips to improve your relationship with your coach and ensure that you get the best out of the session…

  • tell your coach your vision, ambition and motivation
  • be honest on how much practice in your own time and compete
  • agree before the start of the session on what you want to practice, bring your won ideas and the coach will have some as well
  • give feedback from you last match or practice session. also through the session
  • communicate through the session – say if you do not like the drill or want to practice something else. your the paying customer!
  • ask you coach to watch if possible so they see in a match environment not just a training environment
  • have a session with another coach from time to time to get a different perspective

Neutralising (Defending) – Top Tips

We hope the Tsispasas V Federrer has inspired you to get on the court this week. academy session will be working on neutralising (defending) in singles and doubles , here are some tips for defending going through the 4 performance factors…

hit cross court when you can to give you more time to recover
hit high balls down the middle to reduce angles
recovery using cross over steps
after hitting on the run minimise steps to 2 after the hit

Work on open stance medicine ball throws (side lunge)
agility runs e.g. shuttle runs, practice staying low when changing direction
balance is key for recovery , head still on contact
steep swing path to help lift the ball
advanced players should be hitting topspin – drop the racket below the hip and ideally follow through up and across
get back to the middle before the bounce – ‘beat the bounce’
Mental …
work hard and chase every ball
showing a willingness to chase puts fear into the opponent
do not get disheartened when someone hits a winner , it may just be a fluke, keep digging deep!!
don’t get too defensive as being on the back is tiring and requires high stamina levels. attack when appropriate



US Open Matchplay

Well done to all the Prestbury Players attending the Mini Tennis US open Matchplay on Saturday. With Serena losing the final and Nadal in the semi’s it goes to show anything can happen in sport.

The Mini Tennis event saw Isaac Whenman win all his matches with a sudden death point at 4-4 in the tiebreak against Bramhall Lane’s Max Roberts. Ben Wilshaw, Jack Belford, Jack Roebuck and Arun Odedra all played 3 matches to help move their mini tennis rating up to a Green 3. Their challenge is to get to a gree 3 by October and a Green 2 by Christmas, good luck boys.

In the orange event Alex Hill played and won 3 matches to help him move up to a orange 3 rating. After a football match and back to back matches in the rain his spirit was not dampened and played with a warrior spirit. In the red’s Jacob Fosbury came second overall to Poynton’s Joseph Knightley who are both aiming for the Cheshire u8 County Team this winter. Rebeun Lawrence plkayed 4 matches which is helping get experience for his first winter of playing in the point one winter league.


Well Done to all players on a wet afternoon and parents for supporting their children in good spirit.

NEXT MATCHPLAY – Mini World Tour Finals (November)

Alderley Edge Green – 30th September