STAR TENNIS | Private Coaching
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Private Coaching


! 6 for 5 on privates for new adults players !

Private coaching is great for all levels of players who want to improve their game. sessions can have up to 4 players in to help with either singles or doubles tactics and general technique.


Sessions are tailored to want you want to improve and what the coach thinks you should work on to get you to the next level . Whether you want to make team selection, improve in your next tournament or to just able to rally and play with family and friends


TEACHING V TRAINING – Generally sessions tend to be more teaching of a new skill or tactic. However once you have that learnt that skill then you need to ‘train’ it to so it becomes autonomous and you are thinking more of the tactic than the swing.


VIDEO ANALYSIS – on request players can receive coaching through being recorded and being compared to model player.


MATCH ANALYSIS – coaches can watch you playing a match and come up with statistics on your game and analyse your game and strategy.


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