Academy (Improver to Advanced)
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Academy (Improver to Advanced)

Coaching Structure

Beginners (Rusty Rackets )

Players that are playing for fun or for the first time and learning the basics of the game.

Players playing to meet new people and play with friends and wanting to enjoy the game for life

Training Hours 1-2hrs a week

Players should be attending a group session and playing socially in their own time. Other sports are encouraged as much as possible.

Competitions (grade 7)

Players are encourage to play socially with friends in their own time and to play at Junior club night and in beginner events such as Team Challenge


Players that have attended a Rusty Rackts Course or Tennis for Kids Course and have improved their skills ready to move on to basic rallying skills and matches.

Training hourse 1-2hrs

Players should be attending group and o individual coaching and starting to play in their own time aswell

Competitions (grade 7/6)

Players are encouraged to play at club night and team challenges events and LTA matchplay if ready.


Players playing socially but more competitive in nature and encourage to compete regularly with in the club and in teams. Players are playing for enjoyment often alongside another sport and will have the opportunity to represent their school and club in competitions

Training hours 2-3hrs

Players should be training in a 1-2 groups a week and ideally having a private coaching or hitting session to prepare for competitions. Players should be playing other sports for fitness and moulding into a all round athlete

Competitions (6 to 4)

Players should be competing in LTA matchplay’s to improve their rating and grade 5 events to earn ranking  points (11-18 only). Competition should be rewarding and motivating for the individual often preferred when playing with other members from the club


Players are dedicating their time to training and competing and tennis is seen as their number one sport. Other sports are encouraged but sacrifices are made for tennis

Training Hours 3-10 hours

Players are training with the best at the club with 2 groups a week, 1hr private and 1hr hitting with peers or qualifies ‘hitters’ at the club. Training sessions are challenging and may train at a local LTA performance Centre.

Competitions (Grade 5-3)

Players are regularly competing in the Cheshire Tour and / or regional Tour. Players have to be self-motivated to travel and play at weekends and their time around social and school commitments.