Set your goals for 2017
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Set your goals for 2017

Set your goals for 2017

Player Goal Setting Sheet

Competition Goals – which comps do you want to peak for ? set a calendar of comps for the year

 Tactical Goals – What is you strength’s (e.g. inside out forehand )& weakness’s (backhand down the line) and build a game plan around your strength’s. practice patterns of play with a partner of coach.
Technical goals – what shots work and what let you down. get a coach or watch some you tube video’s

Physical Goals – Fitness can be broken down into Speed, Stamina, Strength & Suppleness. Maintain your strength and improve your weakness’s

Mental Goals – Does you mind wonder ? Maybe improve your concentration by tightening your racket strings or use positive self talk. Again a coach or reading up about mental toughness and skills training can help.